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'nih-aitheantas go h-aointios' .... 'to know beauty one must live with it' " old Irish proverb

In Ireland

Top Breeder in Group 1

Top Groenendael and Top Belgian Shepherd - IR/GB CH, BISS, BIS Revloch Figo

Top Groenendael Female - IR Ch Revloch Isabella Jun Ch

Top Tervueren - Ir Ch Revloch Just The Ticket

In the UK

Top Groenendael Breeders

Top Groenendael Male - IR/GB CH, BISS, BIS Revloch Figo

Top Stud Dog - sr IR/GB/LUX/NED Ch, BISS Revloch Zidane

Top Brood Bitch - sr IR/GB/LUX/NED CH, BISS Revloch Bewitched

Zidane was born on 4th August, 2009, the result of an inter variety mating carried out after receiving permission from the Irish Kennel Club.  His sire was a tervueren that we bred IR CH Revloch Ready To Rumble with Nulikim  and his dam was our Belgian imported Groenendael IR CH Duchesse du Pre du Vieux Pont at Revloch.  He was the only groenendael male on the litter of 9 and stayed at home with his us….little did we know then just what he would achieve in his short life.

His show career began in Ireland in February, 2010 at 6 months when he won the Dog GS and BOB under Irish all rounder Vincent O'Brien who remarked on the day that he thought he was something special and predicted he would go far.

Zidane's first CC came in August, 2010 when he won the Dog CC, Res BOB, Res Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show at the BSDA of GB Club Ch Show, under breed specialists Sandra Smith, Lebeau (breed) and Kathy Bird, (BIS).  He finished up Top Puppy in the UK that year and Top Groenendael in Ireland, having won more then the required 7 Green Stars for his Irish Title but this didn't come until after he had reached the age of 15 months in November, 2010.

Over the next three years he amassed a total of 18 CC's (12 with BOB) and 3 Res CC's, including the CC and BOB at Crufts in 2011 and 2012 and the Res CC in 2013, plus CC, BOB and BIS at the NORBEL Club Ch Show in August, 2012 under Jesper Anderssen from Sweden (breed) and Gil Cooper, Zantal (BIS).  He won the Pastoral Group at Belfast Championship Show in 2011 under Jean Lanning  and was Top Groenendael in the UK in 2011 and 2012. Also a multi Group and Champion Stakes winner in Ireland and Top Irish Show Dog qualifier 2011.  His 18th CC (with BOB was won at East of England in July, 2013 under Gordon Rual.

Zidane also gained his Luxembourg and Dutch Champion titles, won the CAC at the Paris International Show in 2012 and at the prestigious French Speciality the following August, he was placed 16th Ex from an entry of 59 dogs in the Open Class, passed the CSAU (Social) and TAN (Gunshot) tests, and was only one of 5 Groenendael males selected SR  (recommended for breeding) the following day.

Zidane has also sired some successful winners.   In a litter born in Norway early last year two were exported to the US and Canada and have become Champions before the age of 9 months. Another one from that litter exported to Portugal was Junior European Winner and placed 2nd BIS Junior in Geneva.  In the UK he is the sire of the young female CH Chrisvale Loving Feeling at Vanisticawho gained her 3rd CC at only 14 months at Bournemouth Ch Show in August, under specialist Jeff Luscott. Another young female Ebontide Vision in Black at  Groenveld has 1 CC and 8 Res CC's and our own youngster Revloch Figo won his 1st CC from puppy at National Working & Pastoral Breeds in July at just 9 months under breed specialist Lyn Salt (Woodlyn) and is currently Top Groenendael Puppy in the UK.

Besides being an outstanding Belgian Shepherd of excellent type with a beautiful head, eye and expression and typical harmonious silhouette, Zidane also had the most wonderful character and made a huge impression on people from all around the world. Those who met him in the flesh were completely won over by his lovely personality and have been firm admirers and supporters of his many successes. He has passed on this outstanding temperament to his puppies.

We had hoped to have Zidane back in the ring for Darlington Ch Show but our world was turned upside when he took ill quite suddenly and unexpectedly and tests revealed he had lymphoma cancer which was aggressive. Despite immediate treatment he failed to respond and the decision was made a few days later on 11th September to spare him from any further suffering.  His passing has left us devastated and in shock.  He had only turned 4 years and was just entering his prime years. We were looking forward to enjoying many more years with him in the ring as he was the ultimate showman and loved the limelight. But aside from the wins and glory, he was just quite simply a much loved companion, a joy to live with, a 'dog in a million'.

We have been overwhelmed by the hundreds of messages, posts and calls of sympathy and support on the news of his passing from his admirers and supporters around the world, we are so proud that he touched so many people and thathis leg acy lives on in his offspring.  He will never be replaced or forgotten.

In Ireland

Top Breeders All Breeds

Top Groenendael - Revloch Hocus Pocus

Top Groenendael Male - Revloch Dance in the Dark

In the UK

Top Groenendael Breeders

Top Groenendael Male (Joint) - Revloch Figo and Revloch Champagne Charlie

Top Stud Dog - Revloch Zidane

Top Brood Bitch Joint - Duchesse du Pre du Vieux Pont at Revloch and Xanova Magique Noir avec Revloch

In the Czech Republic

Top Groenendael Stud - Revloch Zidane

We had a fantastic 2012 in the ring and are very proud to be

Top Breeders All Breeds 1 in Ireland 2013 
Top Groenendael Breeders in the UK and Ireland 2013

Sincere thanks to all of the Judges who have thought so highly of our dogs. Special thanks to the owners and co-owners of Revloch dogs who shared the journey with us and to our friends and supporters who made it all the more enjoyable

CC and BOB, Three Counties, UK
CC and BOB, East of England, UK
Top Puppy and Joint Top Groenendael Male UK
2 CC's at 9 months
GS, RBOB and Best Puppy in Show, BSD Club of Ireland Speciality

CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed  International Show Maastricht, Netherlands
Best Champion Groenendael, National Elevage, France
CC and BOB, NORBEL Club Ch Show, UK
CC, BOB and Best in Show, BSDC of Ireland Club Ch Show, Ireland

World Winner 2013
Amsterdam Winner 2013
Tel Aviv Winner 2013
CC and BOB South Wales Ch Show, UK
GS, CACIB and Irish Champion Title at the IKC International Show, October

CAC, CACIB and Dutch Champion, International Show, Eindhoven, Netherlands
CAC, CACIB and Luxembourg Champion, International Show, Luxembourg

Bitch CC, East of England Ch Show, UK

CAC, CACIB and German Champion, Bundeseiger Show, Dortmund, Germany

Gained his Irish Champion Title

Gained his Irish Champion Title

Shown once in the UK winning the Dog CC and GB CHampion at SKC

CRUFTS 2014 Dog CC and GB Champion
GS, BOB and Celtic Winner '14 at the IKC Celtic Winner

Gained her Irish Champion and Irish Junior Champion Titles
Celtic Winner '14

Best Junior in Show BSD Club of Ireland Speciality

Multiple Green Stars, Best of Breeds and Group Placings

IR & GB CH Revloch Weather Girl of Fivannte
Bitch CC NORBEL Club Ch Show, UK
Gained her Irish and GB Champion Titles

GS Bitch, BOB and Best Veteran in Show at the BSDA Club of Ireland Speciality
1st Veteran Bitch CRUFTS

Top Schipperke in Ireland 
CRUFTS CC and BOB for the second year
CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed and Group 1 winner Luxembourg
CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed, Group 1 Winner and BIS 3 Eindhoven, Netherlands
CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed and Group 3rd Amsterdam, Netherlands
Unbeaten in the breed since arriving to Ireland in Jan '12